Chantilly Lace

Chocolate Mink

The new Royalty at Tonkadelic Cattery includes the sweetist little girls you ever did see.
 Pretty Rosebub

Fawn Mink



Lilac Mink


1rd generation


 Tonkadelic Sauber is the beautiful baby of two just stunning cats in Burmese Bajimbi Fawn Lee and Siamese Amrak Princess. One of a litter of seven Tonkadelic Tonkinese kittens she attended the Perth Pet Expo and at only ten weeks old her litter sister the only entered female kitten in the litter was awarded Best Kitten in Show. I was gob smacked and so proud. After another couple of months I had to decide which girl to keep and it was such a hard decision but something about the way Sauber would just dote on me helped me decide she was the one to keep. A girl that just adores her human she will give that special quality to my kittens that I find so theraputic to my clients that just need to hear the purr and feel the fur as much as they can!

Cinnamon Zehira

Cinnamon Point


2rd generation


 She's finally here my first cinnamon queen! Tonkadelic Zehira is now almost six months old and it wont be long before she takes a turn on the show bench and I think she will really shine. I cant wait to get her there and show her off as she has the beauty of her mother and the constant purr of her father what an awesome combination of tonkinese traits this girl has!

Under The Paris Sky

Seal Point


3rd generation


I'm a p 


DOB 1/06/2013

Sire Emmel Toccatino and Dam El Sprite Couverture.


 My beautiful queen Paris is now my oldest girl in my breeding line up with a whole group of gorgeous gals to follow closely in her footsteps.

Paris has now raised some absolutely stunning babies that are dotted all over the country and state.

She represented Tonkadelic at the ACF Nationals in June 2015 in Perth and hopefully sometime soon we shall choose a stunning daughter or son of Parises to take their place at Tonkadelic too. Paris is my first girl and I think she will always be one the best and the most amazing mother , fetching tonk and smoochie tonk anyone will ever meet as there is just a magic about Paris you cant ignore. I just love you my baby girl.xx