For those who would like to know more about my kittens I have added this list of clients who are happy to speak to you about their tonkadelic babies. Most are tonkinese kittens but there are also some Siamese kittens and eventually I will have Burmese clients as well. Please be considerate to my clients and start with a text asking if it is convenient to talk to them about their babies and at what suitable time as they may be busy or at work etc but all clients on this list have said they would be happy to have their number and name on my testimonial page.

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Amelia 0468946527
Sharon 0417278152
Carol 0403976343
Dane 0422315031
Dee 0428182515
Dyon 0433940213
Halina 0412081164
Kerry 0423821666
Lisa 0415982066
Russell 0411472584
Steph 0419375008
Vida 0421924742
Land lines
Majorie 93815798

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Over my time as a breeder I have learned so much it is unbelieveable. I really didn't know how much there was to know about cat health, temperament and genetics and the Tonkinese was so much more complicated than some of the other breeds. Now I have ventured out to start breeding my childhood love with Siamese and although I still have so much to learn about Tonkinese I am hoping learning about one of their foundation parent breeds will help me.
Below are some of the testimonials my clients and now I am proud to add my vet has to say about my cats and I. 
Thank you all for your kind words but believe me my cats have been such a reward already.




Penny has been bringing her award winning cats to Kalamunda Veterinary Hospital for several years now.Over that time I have developed a true respect for her dedication and passion.Penny raises each kitten as if it were going to be her own, she loves and cares for all of her cats and ensures that they all recieve the best veterinary care. As a result of her committment she can claim some of the best Tonkinese and Siamese kittens in Australia. Well done Penny.


John Houghton

Kalamunda Veterinary Hospital














Dear Penny


Thank you so so much for Eli, he is bringing so much joy into our home.


As you know, the reason we got a baby from you, was to ease our broken hearts after our Tonkenese Pax, unexpectedly passed away. What big shoes to fill, I was unsure if it was the right thing to do so soon after loosing Pax.


Well, Eli may only be five months old but he has wiggled into all our hearts. he is a most delightful, gentle, affectionate and considerate young man. He ensures he is fair in smothering each one of us with love. This may have been easier for the four humans in the house but to win over Raf (Pax's brother) and Miss Lola, a 3 year old King Charles Cavalier, surely a bit more of a challenge? Not at all, Eli was curled up next to Raf and Miss Lola within hours. Raf has taken over the job of parenting Eli, as I write this, Raf is patiently teaching Eli to catch a fly!


Eli spends each night moving from bed to bed, ensuring each of us have a cuddle and dont feel left out.


If any of your prospective owners would like to have a chat about the smooth transistion of one of your kittens into our home they are welcome to call me or email me.



Many many thanks