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Felix the 


Fawn point Tonkinese

Second Generation

I'm Well the time has come and I have finally chosen a stud from my own prefix 'Tonkadelic'


I am so proud of Felix the Fawn as he is so much like his dad and his mum its just a delight to have him around. I remember when his dad was little he carried a fluffy slipper just like a puppy would for quite a few months and Felix is already carting any thing around he can find and growling at any other cat that tries to take it or even look at it actually. I on the other hand can come up to him and pick him up in the middle of a possessive session and he immediately breaks into smooching and purring and just goes to mush. Oh Felix what a pleasure you are to have around. 

Seal Sensation 



A new line giving us a total outcross and a beautiful boy to produce some stunning kittens with cinnamon Zehira. Buddy is the cuddliest and friendliest boy, all the queens love him.